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Marvel "Black Panther" is ready for standard books: the first film in the Marvel film universe led by mostly black dice. The first film by the black director, Ryan Kugler, has a budget of $ 200 million. The first film, directed by the black cast under the direction of Black Director, was to become a global blockbuster before it even opened.

The following are the highlights of the coverage of the "Black Panther" times - including reviews, interviews, photos, videos, and more. And check again, because we will continue to update as this phenomenon continues.

We did not know we were stopping to come, but now that it is here, it is clear that waiting for a movie like "Black Panther" was much longer than it should have been.

On one level, this is the next history of Marvel Universe from the legendary ruler of the African kingdom of Wakanda and models as a supernatural ally to deal with threats and problems internally and externally.

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But the Black Panthers, co-authored and directed by Ryan Kugler with a deep bench of actors in color, is a $ 100 million two-year-plus personal epic so that if the usual Marvel Wonder (Stan Lee, someone), feel out of place.

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Long before he was cast as the first black hero of the modern day Marvel and before the Avengers gave King T'Challa of neighboring Wakanda in his pioneering independent tent pole in life, Chadwick Bozeman kept observations on what the "Black Panther" should be.

"I keep recalling that in my memoir," it will be a big thing in the Black Panther, "said Bussman, 41, a real life, real history, archeology or real architect, and saw the sunshine on the Beverly Hills Hotel terrace in the midst of a hectic press tour.

"The projects I have finished, which I want to work in some way, have always been projects that will be of great importance to my people - to the blacks," Bosseman said.

He was growing up black and loving bisexual picture books. It's not that there was not a decent amount of characters that looked like me: I grew up with everything from static and iconic cartoonist Milestone to Storm, Bishop and other important Marvel characters. Black people were strong in the region, but in most did not achieve the same popularity as Superman or Captain America.

Even if someone like Black Tiger was one of the most intelligent and richest heroes in the universe Marvel Comics, they knew he would not shine like his peers. It is another state of art that simulates life because colorful people rarely get the same props as white men on most streets. So, after all this time, I am pleased that Marvel Stoudios has finally released such a wonderful film as Black Panther Ryan Kugler, the 18th version of the vast film universe.

As great as it is, the women to lead in this film (including Angela Basset, who plays T'Challa or Shuri), it is even more impressive to see the breathtaking world by Ryan Kugler and screenwriter Joe Robert Cole creating owning.

With a few personal references to the beauty of Africa, which I can remember (one of them is the animation and the other is another fictional state), one can only marvel (meaning pun) in the breathtaking living images that we recognize in the Black Panther. Coogler, who made his mission to visit Africa before starting this project, found a way to show us both the bustling cities and vast tracts of land and the futuristic heart of Wakanda.

For my son and his children (and future generations) it is important to get pictures of Africa, which is a beautiful, rich land that it is.

Much merit is that this film is a great falls on the broad shoulders of Chadwick Buseman. He is a craftsman, who has already turned the screen of James Brown into Jackie Robinson, and he approaches Chala with the same conviction.

Holds himself from his accent to His Majesty; feel that this man is truly the king who seems to be a superhero. Some of the best moments of the film are when Bossman blames James Bond for the miraculous vibe he was looking for. During the extended sequence that takes place in the shabby South Korean casino, T'Challa comes with Okoye and Nakaya a week ago stole the Ulysses claw, an evil weapon dealer who sold Vibranium to those who pay the highest price to produce extravagant weapons. From there, T'Challa drown in his black panther gear and chase the streets.

Sure, it's a superhero movie, so he should do it, but Captain America has a lot of grass to go under the radar, and while Tony Stark is a billionaire in the true sense of the word, he is also selfish to secretly be able to do without missions and make his grand entrance. T'Challa is cool and can play a role, but we also know how to brighten the heat and CIA agents like Martin Freeman and Everett Ross (we met during the Civil War) challenge the benefit of its people.

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Remember, we did not even reach the main enemy of Michael B. Jordan. It was one of the greatest miraculous obstacles in the last decade planting villains, which the public can believe, but Jordan rises as Killmonger, the wicked villain wakandischen roots and his eye on the throne. What makes him unique is not that he is one of the finest actor to hit his heart in this huge role; that his motives are rooted a bit more than the "global hegemony" standard.

Sure, this is ultimately What Killmonger Lookout, but there is an odd parallel to the world of politics and acceptance of social issues today that play in his reflections on the role of the king of Wakanda, especially in terms of what and with the power of the uranium. Killmonger steals the most scenes of Shore, but this is the goal behind these wonderful lines delivered that make him a character who feels more alive than most Marauders.

Does every Black Panther make a perfect movie? No. There are a few moments that do not strike as they should. While Kugler did a great job in the creed with the sequence of action in a narrow circle, here you get the "first action movie" vibrations of the Black Panther. This does not mean that he does not set himself the task of producing the best marvel film he can, but at the beginning of the film there are strains that tend to pull a bit. As if the film could not wait until the director promised to turn Chala into Marvel Bond.

What should be a superhero movie? What could it be? With Black Panther, we finally have a worthy answer from our time.

In the last ten years alone, where the promise of Hollywood progress was first read as a fantasy, and then as the Cathedral of America's farce heroes offered few representations outside the mechanics of industry. Batman and Iron Man, billionaires. Ox, god of gull. Spider-Man, the miracle of youth. Captain America, a recruits in World War II, became a crafty demonstration of national courage and hope.

Black superheroes do not have the same qualification. During the time of the tail of the golden age of black cinema, the Blade trilogy infused it with pop immortality snaps early on, but also a legend that character faded over the years. I sometimes wonder if black superheroes should wear in the mainstream, the fact that America is what it is, or if it repeats a lot of courage to Hollywood from the black image and are necessary for the project, for protection.

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As you can imagine, in tinctures highlighting the opening of the Black Panther is paving the way for a non-normal company. Here past and present are linked to a common future. Writer Ryan Kugler, as raised in Northern California, it remains close to home to drop us in Auckland in 1992. Suitable death.

It was the first time that we played Prince Njubo (brilliantly played by the Sterling K. Brown), a spy and a Canadian secretly selling Phippranjom - the original ore meteorite Akanda that is the source of life for the country for the wealth of technology - to Ulysses S. Clough, a rogue trader black market. When Nobu's mistakes are discovered, King T'Chaka, his brother, is forced to confront him. Their encounter ends with a killer, and the king must carry the weight of his secret: he is the one who killed his brother to save the life of Zori (Forest Whitaker), a trusted adviser. Although we do not know yet, this is the heart of the film, the moment in which every subsequent action comes through.